बैंकिंग बनाए बिलकुल आसान

बैंकिंग बनाए बिलकुल आसान

SMS बैंकिंग बनाए बिलकुल आसान


  • SMS Banking made easy and simple
  • Android app introduced to perform SMS banking, USSD and Missed call based transactions
  • GPRS/3G/WiFi connectivity needed only for downloading, no need thereafter.
  • Freedom from remembering numerous syntax & phone numbers.
  • Very useful for penetrating SMS Banking into Rural Areas.
  • Works only from registered mobile number (SIM)


  • To create a “Less Cash Society” as per the call of the Government, it was essential to make transactions simple and user friendly. In our SMS Banking, numerous syntax messages had to be keyed in to carry out transactions. Multiple clicks were required to complete a transaction. A mobile application that could provide a single platform to use multiple services in a user friendly manner, is now introduced by the Bank as “Corp ApnaApp”, to make transactions simple and easy.

The broad features of the Corp ApnaApp:

  • The app is developed on an Android platform for the exclusive use of our customers. Windows mobile, Apple IOS and Blackberry users will not be able to avail the same, as of now. Any customer having a basic smart phone with Android operating system can download this app from Google Play Store. 
  • The App will enable bank’s customers to do SMS banking, USSD and Missed call based transactions, already being offered by the bank, in a very user friendly manner. 
  • The application requires 3G/WiFi connectivity only at the time of installation for download of the App. Thereafter, net connectivity is not an essential feature. 
  • On selection of an option, the system will generate SMS as per the prescribed syntax of present SMS Banking module. The application runs on SMS based authentication system. The response from the bank is directed to the SMS Message Inbox of the registered mobile. The App’s responsibility shall only be to send the outgoing SMS. The latter part will be taken care by the Bank’s SMS Banking module. For funds transfer through this App, a 4 digit MPIN will be required, which will be the same as being used in SMS Banking presently and maximum limit per day will remain at Rs.5000/-. 
  • Normal SMS charges will have to be borne by the customer as is being done presently for SMS banking. 
  • In addition to the normal features of SMS Banking, this App has the option of hot listing of debit and credit cards. Further, it also has the option to avail Missed Call facility to obtain the balance available in the account. Customer is saved from the trouble of remembering different mobile numbers for availing the facilities, under the above service. 
  • Bank has integrated a MoneyMap module with this app which has addresses of branches, hardcoded within the app for the benefit of the end-customers. 
  • The App also provides shortcut for our other Apps like CorpMobile, Corp e-Purse, Corp ePassbook and Corp Rewardz. But these will be available only when internet is active on the phone.
  • The App would be helpful in facilitating migration to digital channel.
    • All existing SMS Banking registered customers may install this application from Android platform.
    • Since most of the features of this app will work for registered customers of SMS banking only, it is required that all customers register for SMS banking facility.