Corp Collect Service [ CCT]

Corp Collect Service [ CCT]

Corp Collect Services envisages collecting of cheques drawn on both within and outside network locations and pooling of proceeds on REALISE & PAY basis only.

Target group

The scheme is designed for organizations where the receipt of cheques is centralized either at corporate level or at regional level.

Operation of the Scheme

Under this scheme, cheques drawn on any locations are entertained. The Corporate Office/Regional Office of the client can hand over at any of our dedicated CAPS branches, the instruments drawn on up-country locations. These instruments are processed and being sent to the respective locations for realisation.

Process flow

  • Day 0 – Instruments are deposited at CAPS branches.
  • Day N - Payout afforded to the client on realization of the cheque

Advantage to the client:

The credit is released on realization and MIS is provided that can be compatible with any platforms /ERP solutions