Tablet & Mobile Banking

Tablet & Mobile Banking

Enjoy the Convenience of Banking and Mobility - CorpBank App

Convergence is the buzz word in today’s world and Banking is no exception to this. Banking is no longer restricted to the crowded banking halls with long queues but can be carried out by customers through a variety of alternate channels at their convenience and at their place of choice and using their own devices.

In this fast paced era, mobility is the key. Hence mobility devices like the Tablets and Smart Phones are becoming compact, rich in features and powerful. The need for accessing information from anywhere made the mobile phones popular as it was handy, personal and facilitated few banking transactions. The advent of the Tablets enabled customers to access information on the move and the bigger form factor or the screen facilitated rich content and more information to be delivered to the customers.

In one’s quest to compute, commute and communicate all at once, convenience and mobility is the key. Tethered or wired desktops gave way to Laptops and Laptops are now paving the way to Smart Phones and iPads. The Tablets enable a user to collate, communicate and access information on the move apart from sending and receiving mails. We are witnessing the dawn of the Tablet age and your Bank, Corporation Bank, which has always been a forerunner in Technology adoption has developed Apps for the iPAD and Android markets to provide customers yet another channel to Bank with us. Customers can download these Apps from the Apple iTunes Store or from the Android Market Place by typing “CorpBank” in the search field. Customers can get to know the product range, the product features and those who evince interest on a particular product can instantly leave their contact details and the Bank would proactively call the customer immediately. Customers can also use the App to get to know their nearest branch or ATMs in the vicinity with the map. Customers can also login to their Internet Banking through the App for carrying out transactions in a secure manner, provided they are registered for Internet Banking with the Bank.

Corporation Bank has developed Applications (Apps) on both the Android and iOS platforms so as to provide yet another channel to the customers to enable them to connect to the Bank.

Platforms Supported presently:
Android – To be downloaded from Google Marketplace
iOS - To be downloaded from Apple App Store

How to Download: The Apps are free Apps and customers using Apple iPads can visit the Apple Store and in the search Store customers can enter "CorpBank" and press on "Free" and press on "Install App" for installing the Application.

Users using Android Tablets can visit the Google Market Place and type "CorpBank" and follow the steps to install the App on Android Tablets.

App Offerings:

Product Features:

The Bank would be listing the latest product offering and the special features of the product being introduced/ implemented. This would include product offerings for the personal segment like Regular Savings Bank features, Savings Bank with auto Sweep facility, Savings Bank for Salaried Class and Savings Bank for the students.

Current Accounts with 4 variants depending on the quarterly average balance being maintained by them. The various flavours of debit and credit card issued by the Bank is listed wherein the features of the card and eligibility criteria are explained. The features available in the Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and the services available through these channels are listed for the benefit of the customers.

The loan facilities offered by the Bank for individuals like Housing, Vehicle, Personal and Professional with the quantum, eligibility criteria, margin amount, repayment period is furnished.

The various loan schemes on offer to the Small and Medium Enterprises along with the eligibility criteria, minimum and maximum loan is provided

Similarly, the deposits and loan products available to Non-Resident Indians with the features of the account, the eligibility criteria are provided. This section also contains the details of the exchange houses with which the Bank has relationship and the mode of money transfer from Gulf countries to India.

Market Indicators:

Customers can get a quick snapshot of today’s Gold Rate, Call money Rate, Bond Rates, and the Dollar Rupee Conversion rate and the closing sensex data of the previous day. Customers can also track the movement of these rates in the form of a graph over a week, over a month and over a year.


Quick Tools are provided to arrive at the Equated Monthly Instalments (EMI) payable for a given loan amount, at a specified interest rate and for the given period. It also provides the customers with the total amount payable by them as interest. Similarly, for deposits the indicative amount the customers would get on maturity at a given interest rate for a given principal.

Interest Rates:

Customers can get the latest interest rates offered by the Bank for the Deposits and the various personal loans

News & Events:

This is a bulletin board that provides the banking news round up from the major financial dailies and makes available a compendium of banking related news that is updated daily and customers can get to access the information for the last 7 days. The Bank takes no responsibility for the content displayed. Events specifically portray the events happening in Corporation Bank and customers can keep themselves abreast of the happenings in the Bank

Personal Banking

Customers who are mobile can easily carry out banking transactions through the Tablet provided they are able to access Internet through 3G SIM Card or through Wi-Fi.

Customers can get to know their balance, view their statements of Account, transfer funds to own accounts, to third party accounts and across Banks.

Customers can open their Deposits online by transferring funds from their Savings Account and are also empowered to close their deposits pre-maturely. Customers can open Term Deposits, Recurring Deposits and Flexi Recurring Deposits online and also pay the Recurring Deposits and Flexi Recurring Deposit Instalments online.

Customers can apply for shares through ASBA (Application Supported Blocked Amount) and they can also get the consolidated balances of all their accounts across various branches.

To avail transaction services through the Tablets, customers should have registered themselves for Internet Banking facility.

Branch & ATM Locator:

The App takes advantage of the GPS facility available in the Tablets and ascertains the present location of the user and tries to locate the Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and the Branches within a vicinity of 5 Kms from the customer location and flags them. Tapping on the flag informs the customer the location of the Branch/ATM, the address of the Branch/ATM location, the telephone numbers of the branch and the Indian Financial Standards Code (IFSC) of the branch so as to facilitate remittances.

Customers can also query the ATM / Branch locations by entering the name of the location and the App would list the branches available in that location arranged alphabetically. By tapping on that location, the App would display the location of the branch in the map for easy location. This is available for locations where the latitude and longitudes are available. The Bank does not take responsibility for the locations shown on the map (Standard or Hybrid)

Overseas Locations:

Customers can get to know the list of Representative Offices of the Bank, the e-mail-id, Contact persons, the address and the contact details.

Customers and non-customers who are interested in a particular product or feature can use the contact us option to leave their name, e-mail-id or phone number and the Bank would be glad to be of assistance to you in providing additional information or for helping you to avail that facility from a branch nearest to your location.

The App empowers the customers to keep themselves abreast of the happenings in the Bank by providing them a tool on the tablet. Customers can leverage the App to carry out transactions on the move and with commensurate ease. This enables the Bank to provide convenience banking through the Tablets and the self service capabilities for funds transfer, deposit opening, CorpBank Credit Card payments empower the customers to handle their banking needs efficiently in a cost effective manner and with ease. Customers can be assured that the data pertaining to their passwords are encrypted and sent to the server and no customer sensitive data resides in the App.