Prepaid Gift cards

Prepaid Gift cards

The most unique gift “CORPORATES” can give this festive season!

Benefits to the Donors

Your search for Gift Items ends here !

  • CorpBank VISA Prepaid Plastic Gift Card is the ideal alternative to Cash, Gift Vouchers and Gift articles.
  • It gives you unparalleled convenience for payment of Bonus and making ad-hoc Payments.
  • Relieve yourself from the hassels associated with Cash Disbursal issues.
  • The Card is Valid for 1 year. You have the flexibility of ordering the Cards first, and then gifting it any time at your convenience during the validity of the card, to meet unforeseen contingencies or otherwise.
  • Our Gift Card is attractively packed and will definetly be cherished by the Receivers.
  • The cards will be issued for a minimum value of Rs. 1000, subject to a maximum value of Rs. 5000 per card.

Benefits to the Receiver [the Cardholder]

You have become the proud owner of a Corporation Bank Card, which you can use to fulfill all your desires. Whether you want to go shopping, have a fabulous dining experience or enjoy life at any of the 4,00,000 outlets which accept Visa Cards in India. You can use this card again and again at multiple outlets, till you utilize your full amount. Happy Shopping! The other benefits are

  • You have the flexibility to spend the amount as and when you need it. Spending can be timed to needs.
  • It is safer than cash.
  • If your card is lost/stolen, you can request for a replacement card, subject to prior registration of card holder details through website: