Security Tips

Security Tips : Safeguard your mobile Accounts

Mobile devices, whether used for business, personal or educational purposes, have the capacity to greatly increase convenience. But to do so, they require sensitive data that can be compromised if your phone, tablet or other device lands in the wrong hands. Safeguard yours by adhering to these simple yet effective practices, each recommended by the security specialists at KeyBank:

Lock your devices :
Set your phone or tablet to automatically lock when not in use, and use a unique password to unlock it.

Minimize stored information :
Do not store login information on your business phone. Regularly delete text messages and old calendar entries, clear browser history, and delete files. Remove all information prior to disposing of, recycling or donating your device.

Do not share sensitive information via text :
Contrary to popular belief, text messages are not secure and may be intercepted. This is why KeyBank will never send your name or account number via text message.

Confirm the source of requests for your information :
When a caller or text sender asks sensitive questions or directs you to take specific action such as dialing a number or visiting a Web site, confirm their identity before proceeding. If there is any doubt, contact the organization directly using a number from an authoritative, independent source – not from the caller in question.

Follow online security precautions :
If your mobile device is Web-enabled (as most are these days), follow the same security precautions you use on your laptop computer.

Encrypt the storage card :
If you're a business owner, be sure your staff understands the importance of protecting sensitive information and update your security policies and contingency plans to address mobile access and mitigate the associated risks.

Disable Bluetooth when not in use :
Disconnecting Bluetooth, a non-secure connection, helps prevent attackers from obtaining information or sending malicious code into your device.

Record phone and tablet data :
Police need to know a device's make, model, and serial number to investigate theft. Write down your phone or tablet’s basic information somewhere secure before taking it out of your home or office.

Security Tips

  • Maintain secrecy of MPIN.
  • Download authorized mobile banking software from
  • Ensure privacy when entering MPIN.
  • Lock mobile with password when not in use.
  • Logout from mobile banking application after the transaction is over.
  • Deregister from mobile banking service immediately, if mobile / SIM is lost.
  • Do not disclose user ID, MPIN, account/customer number etc. to others.
  • Do not click on links in emails/SMS to access your account.