FCNR Deposit

FCNR Deposit

Only term deposits (FD/KCC) are permitted.

maintained in the following currencies

a) AUD b) CAD c) USD d) EUR e) GBP

Accounts can be opened Jointly in the name(s) of eligible person(s)

Funds in the account are fully repatriable

FCNR (B) Deposit can be accepted under the Scheme for the following maturity periods:

a. One year and above but less than two years
b. Two years and above but less than three years
c. Three years and above but less than four years
d. Four years and above but less than five years
e. Five years only

The rate of interest depends on the period of deposit, payable at the rate as decided by the Bank from time to time

Note: Interest rates varies on 1st of every month. Please check for latest rates.

No TDS on interest earned

Permitted and no ceiling on the amount of loan.




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