Non face to face Account opening
Currency in which A/c is opened
  • INR
Joint Account
  • Permitted with RESIDENT as well as NRIs
  • YES - UPTO 10,00,000 $ PER FINANCIAL YEAR (Subject to terms & conditions)
Rate of Interest
  • Rate of Interest is 3.5% p.a. for balance below Rs.50 lakhs and 4% for balance of Rs.50 lakhs and above with effect from 01.09.2017. ( on daily minimum balance)
TDS on Interest
  • Yes (As per IT Act)
Debit card facility/Credit Card facility
  • AVAILABLE (But can be used in India ONLY)
Online Term Deposit facility from NRO-SB
Personalised Cheque book
  • Nomination facility may be extended to the NRO account-holder.Nomination can be made by the depositor/s or account holder/s in favour of only one individual.
Temporary over- drawings in NROSB accounts
  • Branches may allow at their discretion over drawings in NROSB accounts up to Rs.50,000/- towards passing the cheques issued by account-holders subject to compliance with the guidelines on allowing such temporary over drawings in resident accounts under the powers delegated to them. TOD should be closed within 2 weeks from the date of over-drawing
Acceptance of standing instructions
  • Branches can accept standing instructions from the account-holder for local payments such as life insurance premium on the policies of the account-holder or his/her dependents, transfer of funds to resident accounts representing maintenance allowance etc., or such other permitted disbursements.
Terms & condition