Services for Customers with Disabilities

Services for Customers with Disabilities

Corporation Bank

  • As per RBI circulars DBOD. No. Leg BC. 91 /09.07.005/2007-08 dated June 4, 2008; DBOD.No.Leg.BC.123/09.07.005/2008-09 dated 13th April 2009, DBOD.No.Leg.BC.38 /09.07.005/2012-13 dated 5th September 2012, DBOD.No.Leg.BC.113 09.07.005/ 2013-14 dated May 21, 2014 and DBR.No.Leg.BC.96/09.07.005/2017-18 dated 9th November, 2017 all banking services are being provided to persons with disabilities.
  • Corporation Bank is committed to providing all our services to customers with disabilities without Discrimination.
  • The RBI guidelines have been upheld by the internal circular numbers _These circulars uphold the bank’s commitment to offer all its banking services and products to customers with disabilities without discrimination.
  • We are committed to make our websites, net banking and mobile banking compliant to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
  • Our bank has accessible ATMs set up as per the ‘IBA Standards on Accessible ATM’. Details about talking ATM locations can be seen in the file attached here (bank to attach a file with Accessible ATM locations and update the same every 3 months) or visit our page
  • In case of a customer with disability facing any difficulty in receiving any services of the Bank, For redressal please contact. 
  • Nodal Officer at the Center : 

 Shri.M.Paul Kennedy

General Manager,

Corporation Bank,

Head Office, P.B. No. 88,

Mangaladevi Temple Road,

Pandeshwar, Dhakshina Kannada District,Mangalore – 575 001

Telphone No.0824 – 2861305, 9003225115(M)