Bank has launched its Mobile Banking application “Corp EASE” for Android on 27.04.2018 and for IOS users on 01.05.2018.

The Application is available for all the Retail (selected Mode of operation) and Corporate (Self proprietor) Customers of the Bank having registered Mobile number and Debit Card/Internet banking* required during Self registration process.

This application will work as Bank in the pocket for the Customers and will take care of Customer’s daily need without visiting the Branch either for registration or for doing any routine transactions.

Registration steps:

  • Download and install the application from Google Play Store/Apple App Store.
  •  Open the application (Allow all the permissions sought by the application).
  •  Click on "Confirm" to send One time SMS.
  •  In the next screen, the mobile number from which the SMS was initiated shall be displayed (If mobile number is not auto picked due to network issue, mobile number shall be entered manually).
  • Now click on "confirm".
  •  An OTP shall be sent to the device (which shall be entered manually for iOS devices and for Android, OTP is auto read only if Customer has given required permission to read SMS by App, else it will be allowed to enter OTP manually only if Mobile no. is auto fetched by app.)
  •  In the next screen, a list of account numbers (linked to your Mobile Number, with permissible mode of operation) along with Customer IDs and Branch shall be displayed.
  •  Select the account number against which Debit Card has been issued.
  •  Enter the card details (Last Six digit of Debit card + Expiry date + Debit card PIN no.) and then click on "PROCEED" button.
  •  In the next screen, set your 6 digit Secure login PIN and 4 digit Transaction PIN (TPIN).
  •  Upon successful completion of above steps, the login screen shall be displayed.
  •  Enter your 6 digit Secure login PIN to login to the application.

Salient Features of Corp EASE:

  1. Self-Registration using registered Mobile number and Debit card/Internet banking*
  2.  Instant Term Deposit /RD opening
  3.  Instant Blocking and Unblocking of Debit Card
  4.  Detailed view of your Account with latest balance & Mini statement
  5.  Fund transfer:
  • Within Bank - Own account (including Loan & RD)
  • Within Bank - Third party account transfer (With scheduling feature)
  • Other Bank  -  IMPS
  • Other Bank  -  NEFT (With scheduling feature)
  • Corp/LIC Credit card payment
  • Beneficiary maintenance
  • Marking any transaction as favourite.

       6. Request Service-

  • Cheque book request
  • Status inquiry of Cheque
  • Stop cheque
  • Account statement on email (in pdf format)
  • Foreign currency exchange rates

       7. Transaction History view & Transaction complaint Management

       8. Request for New Savings Account, Current Account, Loans , Credit card etc

       9. Branch & ATM Locator

      10. Bill payment using Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS)

      11. Aadhaar linking to savings account

FAQs :

 1)    Who can register for Corp EASE?

 The Corporation Bank customer having the following:

  •  Registered Mobile no.
  • Valid Debit card linked to their account
  • Mode of operation in account: “Self”, “Anyone”, “Either or Survivor”, “Former or Survivor”, “Jointly or Severally”, “Anyone Singly”, “Karta of HUF”, ”Proprietor”.

 2)    Why few of my accounts are not visible in the App ?

Only those accounts which are related to the CIF ID selected during the registration process shall be visible in the App. If there are multiple CIF IDs, then please visit your base branch to merge them.

3) How can I block or de-activate my Corp EASE?

4) What are the types of fund transfer available in Corp EASE ?

  • Within Bank Transfer, IMPS & NEFT facilities are available

5) What are the limits for fund transfer ?

  • Own Account Transfer : No Limit
  • Third Party Within Bank/IMPS/NEFT :
  • Max amount per transaction : RS 1,00,000/-
  • Max amount per day: Rs 1,00,000/-
  • Cumulative fund transfer per day: Rs 1,00,000/-

6) What if my fund transfer failed but my account got debited?

  • In case of failed transaction, the amount shall be refunded to the account within 7 working days.

7) Is Corp EASE Banking safe to use?

  • Yes. Industry standard security features have been implemented for the application

8) Are there any charges for availing Mobile Banking facility?

  • There are no charges for availing Mobile Banking facility but funds transfer facilities such as NEFT and services such as Stop Cheque request, Bill Payments etc shall be charged as per prevailing service charges subject to change from time to time.

9) What are the services available through Mobile Banking application ?

1.    Financial Services

  • Fund transfer within Bank
  • Fund transfer outside Bank (IMPS/NEFT)
  • FD and RD Opening

 2. Non-Financial Services

  • Detailed view of all the accounts linked to your Customer ID
  • Balance Enquiry
  • Account Statement
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Stop Cheque
  • Status enquiry of Cheque
  • Instant Debit Card blocking/unblocking
  • Account Opening - Lead Generation ( Savings/Current/Loan/Credit Card)
  • Foreign Exchange Rates

10) How safe/secure is registration process?

The Self Registration process is completely secure and safe. It comply with Industry standard security features which ensures protection of Customer details. Customer Debit Card details are not stored anywhere and are only used for validation of Customer account.

11) How to Unlock my ID or how to set a new Secure (Login) PIN or TPIN?

 Press “Unlock ID or Forget Secure PIN/TPIN“ option on the login page. An OTP shall be sent to validate mobile number. Customer has to select the Account to which Debit card is linked and enter the required details of Debit card for validation. Here Customer has to create both Login PIN and TPIN again.

12) Why beneficiaries of Corp Mobile are not available in Corp EASE?

Corp Mobile and Corp EASE are two different Applications having different registration process and different User ID. Corp Mobile app was a replica of Internet Banking i.e. Mobile version of Internet banking, thus beneficiaries of Internet banking cannot be synced with Mobile banking app “Corp EASE”. You are requested to create Beneficiary in Corp EASE for Fund transfer freshly.

13) I am having single Customer ID in Bank, still all my accounts are not visible in Corp Ease

Only those accounts will be displayed to Customers having Mode of operation in account: “Self”, “Anyone”, “Either or Survivor”, “Former or Survivor”, “Jointly or Severally”, “Anyone Singly”, “Karta of HUF”, ”Proprietor”.

14) Regarding OTP

Kindly use the updated version. OTP is auto read only if Customer has given required permission to read SMS by App, else it will be allowed to enter OTP manually only if Mobile no. is auto fetched by app. For any further query, kindly write to by giving your mobile number.

15) Mail us:

For Customer complaint :

App related issue:

Complaint for Transactions done using Corp EASE: Transaction History -> View -> Raise complaint