Corp e-Purse Security Guidelines to Customers

Corp e-Purse Security Guidelines to Customers

1. Whether my E-Purse is safe?

E-Purse is secure because –

A) End to end encryption of the messages between server and client.
B) No data is stored on the phone.
C) You only need to ensure that your MPIN is not shared with others

2. How do I reset my secure MPIN?

Go to Home > Click “+” icon > Change MPIN. You will be asked for your old MPIN and new MPIN and the MPIN will be reset to new MPIN.

3. What do I do if I forget my secure MPIN?

Click on Forgot MPIN option > OTP will be sent to your E-Purse registered mobile number > Security Question > Answer the security question and you will be asked to reset your MPIN.

4. Is Two factor authentication applicable for E-Purse?

At the time of registration of E-purse with the new device, customer will be authenticated with Two-Factor authentication i.e one with OTP and MPIN.

Registered user ID will be recognized with the maping of device with mobile number registered by the application at the time of first login to the E-Purse in the new device.

5. Does E-Purse accounts logout automatically?

Yes. E-purse will be logs out automatically after 4 minutes from the time of last activity on E-Purse.

6. How many times after entering the wrong password does the a/c get blocked?

If an incorrect MPIN is entered 4 times continuously, on the 5th attempt E-Purse  is blocked

7.What are the Steps for unlocking the User ID?

If an incorrect MPIN is entered 4 times continuously, on the 5th attempt E-Purse  is locked.

User needs to send mail to by giving the below mentioned details:

  • Name
  • Registered Phone Number
  • Registered Email Id (if any)
  • Date of birth


Call us on 080-22295292. You will be asked to share your registered email id, mobile number and DOB for validation and further helped for unlocking the User ID.

 8. What happens if my phone/SIM is lost?

 It is recommended to block your mobile SIM by calling the telephone service provider.