Submission of Life Certificate by Pensioners - Different Ways

Submission of Life Certificate by Pensioners - Different Ways

To obtain Life Certificate from pensioners on time, the Bank has made following provisions :

1. "Jeevan Pramaan", the software to obtain online life certificate is made available to all the branches of the Bank. Pensioners of any branch/bank having AADHAR detail can submit the same using biometric [finger print scanning] authentication.

2. "Jeevan Pramaan" software is also loaded to all the TABs provided to Marketing Officers of all the zones, so that the life certificate can be obtained from the pensioners by visiting to their homes, who are not in a position to visit their nearby branch.

3. Pensioners may visit to any of the nearest branches of our Bank to submit their life certificate.

4. Doorstep submission of life certificate is also made available to the pensioners who are unable to visit the branch due to any acceptable reasons. The Bank will collect Rs.60/- to visit the pensioner's home. In this case the pensioners may submit the life certificate in following two ways :

a. Online through "Jeevan Pramaan" to be submitted through TAB of the officer visited at pensioner's home, provided that the network connectivity is established and biometric verification of pensioners can be obtained.

b. Alternatively, Pensioners can also submit the life certificate by providing the detail in physical form.