Money Flex Deposit

The friendly, flexible fixed Deposit

  • A Deposit Scheme which allows withdrawal of part of the deposit in units of Rs.1,000/- at any time, without the necessity of prematurely closing the entire deposit account.
Who can open :
  • An Individual in his/her own name.
  • Individuals in their joint names with suitable repayment instructions.
  • Minor represented by parents / guardian.
  • Clubs, Societies, Associations, Educational Institutions, Trusts, Firms, Partnerships, Joint Stock Companies, Executors, Administrators, HUFs, Govt. Departments, etc.
Period of Investment
For Money Flex KCC & FD
7 Days to 120 months
Amount of Deposit
  • Minimum Rs.5000/- and thereafter in multiples of Rs.1,000/-.
  • No Maximum Limit on deposit amount.
Rate of Interest
  • The rate of interest depends on the period of deposit, payable at the rate as decided by the Bank from time to time.
Interest Payment Frequency
  • In case of Money Flex FD, interest is paid at quarterly intervals till maturity.
  • In case of Money Flex KCC: Interest is compounded quarterly and is paid on maturity.
  • No need to close the entire deposit, if part of the amount is required. Part of the deposit in units of Rs.1,000/- can be withdrawn prematurely while continuing the remaining deposit.
  • Nomination facility
  • Premature closure facility as per the rules lay down by the Bank.
  • Loan facility up to 90% on the deposit, while for 3rd party deposit, it is up to 75%