Short Message Service (SMS) is the ability to send and receive text messages to and from mobile phones. The text can comprise of words, numbers, or an alphanumeric combination. Each short message can be up to 160 characters in length.

The Bank shall be able to communicate to its customers via SMS in two ways.

PUSH based SMS Services- Push based SMS Services shall enable the bank to push information (like salary credit, balance change, occurrence of any special transaction) to customer's mobile phone based on customer's preferences specified at the time of registration. The Bank shall also be able to push marketing information to customers about new products / offers.

PULL Based SMS Services- Pull based SMS services shall enable the Bank to send SMS to specific customers in response to their queries/requests, such as account balance enquiry or request for a funds transfer etc. The customer shall send a pre-defined request code (for a particular type of request) to the Bank via SMS. The Bank shall process the request and send the response back to the customer.

Customer who wants to avail this facility can register through Branch using the application form available in the Branch or customer having Internet Banking can register using the option Online Request -> SMS Banking Registration.

How to Activate for SMS Banking:

  1. Branch will register the mobile number in the system for SMS Banking.
  2. At the End of the Day customer will receive 4-Digit PIN which is for message within a day then customer has to contact the Branch.
  3. Once 4-digit SMS banking PIN is received from the Bank, customer needs to activate his service by sending message to 9243717778/5667716 as below
    Activate XXXX 001234

    Where XXXX is 4-digit PIN which customer has received and 001234 is the last 6-digit of the account number.

  4. Now customer has the option to activate for SMS Banking PULL services ( Like balance enquiry, Mini statement, funds transaction etc.) or if he do not want this facility and he just want to receive the SMS alerts then he can ignore the message so that he will get only the alert message pertaining to the transaction done in his account.
  5. If the customer activates for PULL service then he has to remember the 4-Digit PIN for further usage i.e for doing funds transfer.

Services offered under SMS Banking:

  • Balance Enquiry.
  • Mini Statement - Last 3 transactions.
  • Funds transfer between own accounts.
  • Fund transfer to 3rd Party ( Within our Bank)
  • Fund transfer to 3rd Party ( NEFT)
  • Cheque Book Request
  • Stop Cheque Request
  • Cheque Status Request
  • IMPS using IFSC and Account Number
  • IMPS using Mobile number and MMID
  • Generate MMID
  • Retrieve MMID.
  • PIN Change.

Mobile Banking is a Menu Based Banking where in all the service offered by the bank is shown as list in the Application that customer has downloaded and activated in his mobile.

  1. SMS Banking is a Text based and it is unsecured since entire syntax travels in a plain text. Where as Menu based Banking (Mobile Banking) is a secured mode and transaction flows in a secured mode.
  2. Internet is required in mobile phone for using Mobile banking where as No internet connection is required for using SMS Banking.
  3. Different application for different handsets where as SMS Banking will work on all handsets irrespective of the Model/make.
  1. Symbian - Nokia 5223, Nokia E5, Nokia N71 etc.
  2. Andriod – Mobile Phones and Tablets – All Samsung Galaxy Phones, Tab 2, Note 2 etc
  3. IOS – Iphones

To use Mobile Banking customer has to be registered with SMS Banking. Customer who wants to use Menu Based Mobile banking in there Symbain( Operating System) Mobile Phones then he has to request in the Branch and he will be given a Link and activation code for activating the same. Once after clicking on the Link he has to choose the appropriate application for his make and download on his mobile. If specific application that matches is model/make is not available then he has to download the Generic Version and use the same. Steps to be followed once after downloading the app is as below

  1. Open the application and it will ask the user to enter the 8 –Digit Activation code and the account number.
  2. Activation code will be sent along with the Link which is being sent to his mobile.
  3. User has to enter the Last 6-Digit of his account number in place of account number. For example if the account number is SB/01/016253 then customer has to enter 016253 only.
  4. After entering both the fields then user has to activate it using the option available in the menu.
  5. Once after successful activation of the application, user will be prompt to choose his own MPIN. Here MPIN is the password that user has to choose on his own and it is of numeric. Length of the password is of 6 –digit. User will be asked to enter the password in his mobile twice. After choosing the password he has to register the MPIN by using the option register MPIN.
  6. Later on whenever user desires to use our Mobile banking he has to use the same 6-Digit password which he has chosen during the time of MPIN registration.

User has to request the bank for new activation code. Using the new activation code customer can reset the password. User has to open the application and click on forgot MPIN option it will ask user to enter the activation code and account number. Here he has to enter he new activation code that he has got from the Bank and as explained earlier he has to enter the last 6-digit of his account number.

Customer can also get the activation code and Link by sending SMS

CMOB 4-Digit PIN to our SMS Banking numbers 9243717778/5667716.

Note: Here 4-Digit PIN is the PIN which customer would have received initially when his mobile number is registered with bank for SMS Banking.

Services available under Symbian Phone:

  1. Balance Enquiry.
  2. Mini Statement - Last 5 transactions.
  3. Funds transfer between own accounts.
  4. Fund transfer to 3rd party account (Our Bank).
  5. Fund transfer to 3rd party account (Outside the bank).
  6. Cheque Book Request.
  7. Stop cheque request.
  8. Cheque status request.
  9. Donations to Temple.
  10. IMPS – Immediate Payment Service ( Using IFSC and Account Number / Mobile Number and MMID)
  11. Generate MMID.
  12. Retrieve MMID.
  13. PIN Change.

Customer having android mobile phone can download the mobile app "CorpMobile" from the Google store or play store. Customer having I phone has to download the application from Apple store.

All customers who have registered for internet banking can use this facility through Android and iOS phones. If the customers want to use IMPS facility they should have registered for SMS banking. (SMS banking can be registered by the customers themselves through internet banking and the same will be activated within 24 hours)

Once CorpMobile App is installed in the instrument the same will be displayed in the desktop with the icon. By tapping/clicking on the icon the Application can be opened, which would appear similar to our internet banking login screen (second page). By providing the net banking user ID and login password in the same screen, the customer can login to the mobile banking. In the home page all the linked accounts with the customer’s net banking user ID will be displayed with the current balance.

Customer having android phone and not having Internet banking has to register for Internet banking by filling the fresh application available in the Branch.

If user has forgotten his password or User Id is blocked for any reason he has to request our web centre ( for duplicate password / for unblocking.

  • Accounts
    1. Balance enquiry
    2. Last 10 Transaction
  • Payments:
    1. Own Accounts.
    2. Third Party Accounts (within Corp Bank)
    3. NEFT Transfer (outside Corp Bank)
    4. IMPS (within & outside Corp Bank - Self & Third party accounts)
  • Services:
    1. Request for Cheque Book
    2. Request for Stop Payment
    3. Credit Card Payment

The customer should have already created the beneficiary/ies through normal net banking (Through Browser) for making third party transfer through mobile banking. Currently there is no option to create beneficiary through Android App or IOS APP.

  1. Account Credit over a Rs.1000.
  2. Account Debited over a Rs.1000.
  3. Account Balance Falling Below the Cut off Amount
  4. Account Balance Exceeding the Cut off Amount
  5. Return of an Inward Clearing Instrument
  6. Return of an Outward Clearing Instrument
  7. Loan Overdue – EMI ( In 3 slabs – 1 day prior, 7 day prior and 14 day prior to the due date)
  8. Alert for Maturity Notice of a Deposit prior to specified number of days
  9. Salary Credit
  10. Unsuccessful execution of Standing Instruction
  11. Locker Rent Overdue.
  12. All ATM and POS transaction alert irrespective of amount.
  13. All NEFT, ECS and NECS credit/debit irrespective of amount.

Since customer will be outside INDIA he should send activation message To our 10-digit mobile number including country code '91' so that customer should send message to 919243717778 and not to 5667716.

Customer should contact the branch wherein he has maintained his account. Once it is changed he will receive alert mentioning that mobile number has been changed and he needs to activate it again using the OLD 4-digit SMS banking PIN which he has used it earlier for activation. If he has forgotten the PIN he can request branch for getting the NEW PIN and branch will request the core centre for the same. Once core centre issues a NEW PIN it will reach customer’s mobile.

Currently customers will be charged only for the SMS alerts. The Bank is not charging anything for the transaction done through SMS Banking or Mobile Banking. For Domestic customer Rs.100/- + Service Tax will be charged and for NRI customers Rs.500+ Service Tax will be charged on annual basis.

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a technology unique to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication). It is a capability built into the GSM standard to support transmitting information over the signalling channels of the GSM network. USSD provides session-based communication, enabling a variety of application.

USSD is yet another channel through which customer can do the enquiry and transaction.

  • GPRS is not required, it works on voice connectivity.
  • Works on all GSM mobiles.
  • More secure on/than SMS.
  • No application installation is required.
  • USSD is application like interactive Menu.

The services currently proposed under USSD are as follows -

  1. Balance Inquiry.
  2. Last 3 transactions.
  3. IMPS- Using Mobile Number and MMID or IFSC and Account Number.
  4. Generate MMID.
  5. Generate OTP.

The process flow for the USSD transaction will be as below:

  1. Customer has to dial the short code *99# in his mobile.
  2. Once after this one menu will be shown to the customer asking for MMID. Here customer can enter his MMID. If the customer is not having MMID he can type 9017001 and press Ok.
  3. Customer will be shown list of services in the interactive menu. Customer has to enter the appropriate option for getting the desired service.
  • BSNL
  • MTNL

So customer who is having mobile connection with the above mentioned service provider only can use USSD service in his mobile.