Corp Mobile Recharge

Corp Mobile Recharge
Recharge (Refill) of Pre-paid Mobile phones through ATM or through SMS

Electronic Recharge of Pre-paid Mobile phones is a facility which enables our customers having prepaid mobile phones to electronically recharge their mobile phone cards by debiting their account through CorpBank ATMs or through SMS from their mobile phone. The facility is offered to all the ATM/Debit Card holders of our bank free of any service charge from the bank.

The facility benefits you in several ways:

Ø You need not search for the vendors for purchasing the recharge coupons.
Ø The pre-paid cards pertaining to any particular circle can be recharged from anywhere in India by sending an SMS or walking into the nearest ATM.
Ø You can recharge for any denomination of your choice (between lower and upper limits).
Ø With SMS facility, you can recharge your mobile from anywhere in India or abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a pre-paid Mobile Connection? 
Cellular operators offer two types of Mobile Connections. One is a billing connection (or Post Paid) and the other is a Pre-paid connection. A pre-paid connection is one where you purchase airtime upfront and use it as per your convenience. There is no bill involved. To know more about a pre-paid mobile connections contact the cellular operator in your city.

What can I do with the Electronic Mobile Recharge facility? 
The Electronic Mobile recharge facility essentially allows you to recharge (top up) your pre-paid Mobile phone connections with additional airtime at any of the CorpBank ATM or through an SMS by debiting your account.

Can I buy a new pre- paid Mobile connection using this service? 

No, you need to initially buy your own Pre paid Mobile connection through your Cellular Operator or its dealers. You can use this service to refill (recharge) your airtime for your existing Pre Paid Mobile connection. 

Is there any registration required for availing this service? 

No registration is required for recharging the mobile account from any of the CorpBank ATMs using your card. You can just walk in and instantaneously recharge your mobile phone with airtime at any of these ATMs, even while roaming, at no extra cost. 

In case you want to recharge using SMS you have to make a one-time registration at any of our ATMs. Once you register you will immediately receive an SMS providing you a PIN number and the details of the SMS to be send for recharge. Thereafter, whenever you are low on airtime you can recharge your mobile phone by simply sending one SMS. We will automatically debit the bank account linked by you for the recharge.

Will I be able to recharge my mobile phone immediately after registering? 
Once your registration has been successfully completed you will receive a SMS confirming your registration along with your Access Code Number (PIN) from your operator. Once you receive this message you will be able to recharge your mobile phone with airtime by simply sending an SMS in the predefined format mentioning the Amount and the Access Code Number.

How do I recharge my mobile phone? 

Recharge through ATM
Ø Insert your CorpBank ATM/Debit card into the ATM, 
Ø Enter your PIN (Personal Identification Number) and 
Ø Next, select “LIC Payment/Others” Option.
Ø After that, select “Mobile Recharge” Option.
Ø In the following screen select the “Recharge” option
Ø Enter 91 followed by your mobile phone number and press “SUBMIT”.
Ø Enter the amount to be recharged and press “SUBMIT” again. 
Ø Select the “Savings Bank Account” or “Current Account” option.
You will receive a message on the ATM screen telling you whether your card has been recharged. You will also receive an SMS confirming the recharge.

Recharge through SMS 

Ø Register your payment details and your mobile number with Corporation Bank. Registration can be done at any of our ATMs across India or through application forms available at all our branches.
Ø A SMS confirming your registration will be sent to you containing your personal recharge access code and the format of the SMS to be sent for making the recharge.
Ø To recharge your mobile, send a SMS to your mobile operator with the transaction code, bank code, amount and your personal access code. 

For instance, your SMS will be like “RC CORP 5000 1234”, in case you are a Hutch or Orange subscriber where RC is recharge, CORP is the bank code, the recharge amount is 500 and 1234 is the access code. Please note that this format may be different for different cellular operators

Ø The message will be transferred to us for authorization and debiting your account with the specified amount.. 

Ø Once the amount is debited and your mobile operator is informed, your mobile will immediately be recharged and you will receive a SMS confirming the recharge.
Can I recharge other person’s mobile?
You can recharge any pre-paid mobile using the respective ATM card. The amount will be debited to the cardholder’s account.
In case of SMS recharge, the cardholder has to register all the phone numbers to be recharged and separate access code will be provided for each mobile number.

Will my mobile phone be recharged for the amount indicated by me in my message? 
No. Your prepaid card will be refilled with Airtime after subtracting fixed rentals, service tax, etc as levied by the Cellular Operator from the amount indicated by you. This will be the same amount as is usually deducted by the cellular operator for Pre paid recharges. The Bank will not be deducting any charges from the customer towards provision of the service. (Please contact your Mobile Operator for details of these charges).

Can I re-charge my prepaid account for any amount? 
Yes, provided it is between the lower and upper limits prescribed by your mobile operator. Presently depending on the mobile operator these limits varies between a minimum of Rs 10/- to a maximum of Rs 10000/-

Is this service available with all Cellular Operators? 
The service is currently available for Airtel, Orange/Hutch, IDEA, BPL Mobile and Reliance India Mobile subscribers in specified circles only. Click here for details . 

I have forgotten my access code? Can it be re issued? 

In case you forget the PIN you need just walk into any ATM and do the registration process once again using the same ATM/Debit Card and same Mobile Phone number. The earlier PIN will be removed and you will get a new PIN through SMS.