Tips for use of Internet, Credit Card & Phishing Fraud

Tips for use of Internet, Credit Card & Phishing Fraud

Tips for use of Internet

  • Confirm that your antivirus is always on.
  • Use anti-spyware along with antivirus.
  • Use Desktop firewall to filter communication.
  • Always update patches of operating system such as Windows or Linux

Tips for awareness/guidelines for Credit Card Fraud

  • Review the credit history regularly.
  • Use separate credit card for online transactions and regular offline transaction.
  • Shred any documents like credit card bills before you throw them to trash.
  • Always use two way or three way authentication methods to participate online.
  • Do not give the Xerox copy of credit/debit card to anyone.
  • Do not share information of credit/debit card to anyone.
  • Always ensure that the credit card will swap in our presence.
  • Struck out the CVV number form back of credit/debit card and better to memorise it.
  • Try to avoid internet or credit/debit card transaction from cyber cafes.

Tips for awareness/guidelines for Phishing Fraud

  • Apply phishing filter in your browser setting.
  • Delete all emails and SMS from any stranger luring you with billion dollar lottery prize, jobs in UK and huge wealth.
  • Delete all emails/SMS/Phone calls that ask for your personal information such as user name, passwords, pin, credit codes.
  • Delete all spam mail as they contain either virus or spyware enable spam filters in your mail boxes.
  • Do not share any personal information to unknown person.