Corp E-Passbook

Corp E-Passbook


Corp e-Passbook

The revamped version of Corp E-Passbook for Finacle based Core Banking Solution has been launched with a refreshing look .The most important feature of this version is that it is no more restricted to those users who have registered for Internet Banking facility as hitherto. Now, all the customers having a smartphone and their mobile number registered with the Bank can avail the facility. Customer should have single Customer ID [CIF] in the Core Banking Application for availing this facility. Wherever a customer is having multiple CIFs or linked the mobile number as registered contact for multiple CIFs, it should be ensured that the customer has only one CIF and the registered mobile number is available in that CIF.

If the customer is having multiple CIFs, while trying to register for e-Passbook facility, the following message will be displayed: “Multiple Customer IDs (CIFs) present for the mobile number. Please press “Yes” if you want Bank to merge all your CIF with the CIF linked to your account based on availability of KYC Compliance or “No” to visit your base branch to link CIF”. If “Yes” option is selected, system will display the following message: “Your request to merge CIF has been updated. Please register for Corp e-Passbook once you receive SMS confirmation of merger of all CIFs” If no mobile number is registered with the Bank, the following message will be displayed: “No account linked to this Mobile number”.

The application is currently available for download in Google Play Store for Android platform users and App Store for iOS platform users. The application shall be made available to the users of other platforms shortly.


  • Any customer satisfying the following criteria can avail the facility :
    • Customer possessing a Smartphone
    • Mobile number registered with the Bank
    • Mobile number linked to a Single CIF ( In case of multiple CIFs, either all the CIFs have to merged or the mobile number has to de-linked from other CIFs)
  •  Shows all types of accounts including Deposit and Loan separately.
  •  Account balance shown in real time mode.
  •  Facility for Offline view.
  •  Account transactions search facility based on remarks, amount or transaction type.
  •  Option to personalize e-Passbook by creating own personal ledger and tag/add transactions to it.
  •  Facility to download account statement using e-mail in PDF/XLS format.
  •  Ledger view of Account
  •  Seamless sharing of account details via WhatsApp, SMS, Email etc.
  •  State-wise Bank Holiday List.

Registration Steps:

The application can be installed in a smartphone without any hassle.

  • Download the application from Google Play Store or App Store based on the OS running in the phone
  • Open the downloaded Corp e-Passbook application and tap the “SEND SMS” button
  • For smartphones with dual SIMs, please ensure that the SMS is send from mobile number which is registered with the Bank
  • In the ensuing screen, the Mobile Number from which the SMS was initiated will be displayed. (Ensure that this mobile number is registered with the Bank. It is very important. Otherwise, the application will fail)
  • Tap the “PROCEED” button
  • An OTP would be received. Android based smartphones would auto-validate the OTP. However, in the case of  iOS phones, it has to be manually keyed in
  • The application shall prompt for creation of a six digit m-PIN
  • Once these steps are completed, a “Successful Registration” message would be displayed
  • Login to the application by entering the six digit mPIN (By default, the CIF ID linked to the mobile number shall be displayed on the login screen) to unleash the power-packed application.

We urge all the staff members, specifically the front desk staff who interact with customers more, to be acquainted with the features of the revised Corp e-Passbook application and popularize among the customers.

Ease and convenience of use, real-time status of transactions, facility to maintain personal ledger and availability of statement of account on the fly could be some of the strong selling points. Visit to branches or kiosks for passbook updation can be a story of the past.